We The Tigress, They The Wildebeast

Release: TBD

We The Tigress, They The Wildebeast might be the best album to have ever been recorded, or WILL ever be recorded. No one knows, of course, but it sure takes might to say it. What can be said for sure is this: The album is, at the very least, or is not, at best, not NOT the best album to have ever been recorded! All this is to say that, by all accounts, and to the standards of any titular rulebook, dictionary, or the many varied indices of formal, regional, and idiosyncratic, dialectical schematics of the intricate semantics, or abstractical grammatics still in tact and acceptable... it’s an album.



Released November 18, 2014

Recorded on a 4-track cassette recorder, with one microphone, a Shure SM58
by Danny Malone at SuperMagicBarnFantastic
Mastered by Jerry Tubb at Terra Nova Mastering



Released: 2013

Balloons was recorded in a 15th Century haunted castle in Western Denmark. There is an unflinching, unsettling outpouring of secrets that stirs up brilliant moments of combined unease and fascination. Balloons defies genre. Folk, Pop, Electro, Hip Hop.



Released August 8, 2009.

Danny Malone's studio debut. Recorded at Hot Tracks!!!

Produced by Mattie Smith and Danny Malone



Released 2007.

You should expect to hear songs that make you dance mixed with lyrics that tug on your heart.